Soaking Rest

You're Mine, I'm Yours by Edwin van Splunter
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Your Destiny is Fulfilled in Love!

Let Father God reveal His love for you as you rest in His loving presence.  A time of rest, refreshing and loving affirmation can be found in times called soaking, meditation, saturating or marinating.   During these times, He longs to carry you on a journey into the depths of His heart, through Holy Spirit and Jesus, His Son.  You will discover freedom from stress in the resting place of His love…trust the One who made a way for you to trust and trust again.  

 At the end of the soaking times, some of those who gather to soak, will share what they saw or heard with everyone present.  Sometimes, this corporate time of sharing brings completion or confirmation to each experience.  And most often these expressions speak of His unfathomable love, as waves of His love flow over us.  When we recognize that we are His beloved ones, His sons and daughters, who He is loving even now, a sense of belonging can cause us to soar to new heights, to believe again, unlocking the kingdom of His love within!

Receive the healing waters pouring over you, as you read some of the accounts that are shared by those who come to soaking rest:

 Father spoke this to my spirit, 'I love to laugh, I not only laugh with you, I laugh even at you sometimes! So enjoy the rest, the place I've made for you. Always full of life ~ breathe out and breathe Me in, into the life of freedom, of enjoyment I've made for you.'

 I was on a small moat with a sword in my hand; and moving from moat to moat.  There were two moats and I was told to stay on the wall praying.  Then I saw dark clouds and then a flock of birds flying. (Interpretation: Skill has been given to you to pray and to move from moat to moat and you can be trusted to move about even when opposition comes against; you can fly and in unity.)

 I felt that I experienced the restoring of my soul and received freedom from rejection that entered me as a child of 7 years.  I also saw little spirit beings and they were asking Father, 'I want to come, I want to come to earth.'

 Father said to me, 'My enemy is yours ~ you have no enemy on your own.  Stay, abide in Me and you are protected.  Do not take on the enemy in your own self; I have done so and will do so for you.  Abide in Me, Who has overcome!'

 I saw clay rocks that looked like being in the Grand Canyon.  I was walking through with sunlight beaming through.  He is with me as I see the crystal clear river.  It looked like crystals in the river as the water was flowing; it was peaceful.  It was like reflecting light, like the crystals on the chandelier.  (It was noted that Kat Kerr, the author of Revealing Heaven, says that there are crystals on the bottom of the Crystal Sea in heaven.)

 I had a very vivid experience of being under the water and in a cave with treasures there; rubies, diamonds, sapphires in the dark and He was holding them in His hands. 

 He said, 'Every sound was and is productive and will be for My purposes both here and upon the earth.  Sounds create an atmosphere, sounds direct the winds.  I have given you permission to create, to form, to enjoy.  Step in, step in to the life I have intended originally for you; this life exists for those who choose to come closer to abide in love.  A love that creates and motivates, extends to highest heights and deepest depths, the broadest widths…all to enjoy…immeasurable fathoms of love…. Aroused to love, in love, for love, by love, with love…bliss! ...Holy Bliss!'

 I was on the water, floating, resting, and then I saw like smoke with a figure coming towards me with open arms and then a stamp of approval was given to me.

 I was in like empty space and felt the coldness and I heard, My love is joy, drink of My love.

 I had a picture of a little girl and then knitting taking place and I sensed He is knitting us in love.

 Angels were in the room and tickling toes and having a good time with us; as they were bringing us to rest and comfort and enjoyment in Him.

 Yellow, golden rain was pouring down!  And I saw a ruby red color and the image of a lion and I was flying with Jesus; and hugs and kisses and He said, 'Tell them I love them!' (After the music stopped and before the time that this was shared with everyone, the facilitator was directed by Holy Spirit to demonstrate some soaking buddies that she brought. Quiver, the pink colored lion, with a pink, heart-shaped nose is a stuffed animal that is like a picture of the Mother-heart of God the Father.  When you push on the paw, a song is sung, like a lullaby, 'You are so beautiful to Me…..' and the head moves and the jaw quivers!  She also demonstrated the rabbit in the yellow slicker, holding a closed umbrella and the rabbit sings, 'Singing in the rain….a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again….')

 I was resting in Him with no worries and no impatience, taking on His strength!

 I saw myself on a motorcycle and it was raining and I was going very fast…and it did not seem safe at all to me and yet Father was with me and then it was also very foggy and I now can’t see and we are going into a tunnel, in an underground passage where it is very dark.  I am now in a different place and I feel better because I am under the water, and I like being under the water till I see an octopus with long tentacles.  They are close to me and then I go deeper and it seems safer to me because we are now below the octopus.  I am now resting on what looks like a missile and I do not like that, till I spot the submarine and I know I can be safe when I go there.  Father says. 'It is man-made and I don’t want you to be where I have not taken you; like the submarine that is man-made.  No deadly thing shall harm you.'

 I saw hearts everywhere…very small hearts and in all different colors and some were see through and they were all glistening and I sensed that these were spirits and we were at the throne room, yet somehow, the hearts are in the home and at soaking; and the spirits were liking what they saw and wanted to come be with us.

 Father Loves You, Father Wants You, Father Likes You, Father Delights Himself in You, Father Affirms You in His Love!...
So Be Loved...Beloved Child of God! 

By Deborah Fisher, 'Catch The Fire' Soaking Facilitator

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A Personal Analogy of Soaking, Resting, Snuggling!

by Catch The Fire Soaking Facilitator, Deborah Fisher 
(Listen to some soaking music, found below, as you read.)
Stressed?....Dry?....Obey Your Thirst!....and Soak, whenever you can! 

Continued soaking causes us to become bendable, succulent, full of life giving water, receptacles for others to drink from and pliable in His arms!  And 'corporate soaking' is like the cluster of grapes hanging out together on the vine; and when the wine is processed, it makes for the best wine tasting ever! 

All plants need water!  We are the planting of the Lord, trees planted by the river's edge.

When plants have not had water in a while, the soil is so dry, that water runs off; left without water, the plant will eventually wither and die.  And He wills that none of us should perish!

The remedy most gardeners use to restore the plant is submersion!  Our Father is 'the' Gardener; I believe He is the best gardener, even at times of pruning!  We are pruned when we do and pruned when we don't!!!  But back to soaking!

The plant is placed under water, by holding the plant down into a container of water.  I don't know about you, but angels have been instructed to hold me down on a number of occasions!  I have learned to yield, humbling myself for the Gardener's touch and allow Him to work His way in me.  Personally and through much experience, I believe that the container He uses is a wine vat full of Glory!  He knows what is best for us and moves us from glory to glory! Side Note: The substance of Glory is LOVE!

When under the water, the plant releases bubbles of air, that come to the surface.  As the soil receives more and more of the water, it becomes weighty and heavy and eventually sinks; and any debris that remains and did not receive water, floats away!  Interesting huh?  When we yield, we receive His weightiness.  Also, as people, we tend to get a bit puffed up too and need to release some of that hot air from time to time! (Knowledge puffs up and love builds up!)

The soaking displaces the dryness, thereby receiving the necessary nutrient of water for life!!!  Our body is made up of 50% to over 90% of water, depending on our size and age.  And different parts of our body have more than others; the brain has 85%.  Water is required for life!

So soak Him up, like a sponge does to water, and when the shaking comes, you will shake love all over the place! 

There are all kinds of life giving nutrients found in times of soaking....come sink deeper into Daddy's heart and allow Him to complete your sentences, show you a new way of looking at yourself and situations and the other people He loves, and allow Him to fill every empty and hurt place in you with Himself!

Allow Him to fulfill every love need!  You will never be the same!

Father's Blessings!

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Jeremiah 50:6 My people have forgotten their own resting place.

A Kiss by Edwin Van Splunter

Lyrics by Sue Whittick and Edwin Van Splunter