Encounters in the Secret Place Along With Testimonies of the Goodness of God....

During Soaking....

During a time of soaking in the Turnberry Neighborhoods of World Golf Village, Deborah was overcome by Father's presence and He began speaking to her about the depths of His love.  
She then noticed, on the ceiling, a visible image of a heart, and what appeared as swirling waters, a hand beneath and the ceiling had become a pinkish color.  Perhaps this was all created by the light, however, this has not occurred again, since that day, which took place many months ago.

Father longs for His love to penetrate our being, causing the suppressed places to vanish as love takes its place. We are refined in this fiery love and become love to all around us. In Him we live and move and have our being, for we are His offspring. He desires that we become one as He and the Father are One. The following has been spoken to me many times and yet this was the first time I was able to write it:

Love is a releasing agent like no other. Love is the enabling factor of life. Love activates, motivates, sustains, hopes, restores, renews, challenges, transforms, creates, exhorts, molds, melts hindrances, satisfies, and longs for more.

When yielded to love, acceleration occurs and in the lives around you; an exponential growth!

Love abides, resides and rides the waves of life and all it brings.
Love searches deep within, exposing and healing, as it seeps into the deepest depths of our heart; chambers never before open and now flooded with life and godliness.
Love reveals and fills us with a transcendent glory, full of wisdom and truth.

For He says, 'That the intensity of My love for you brings ecstasy, a euphoria ~ it's an invasion of the central place of the absolute center of My heart of love.' It's tangible!

'What is My fire? It is the intensity of love; a force beyond your reason. As I have told you before, My glory is the tangible presence of love upon you; so is My fire. My fire is a consuming fire; not meant to destroy you. The fire of My love for you melts away the hindrances that keep My love from going deeper within you. Fire and Glory is LOVE! Fire of love consumes...Glory of love builds up!

Received December '09, Taken From a Journal, to be Added to 'Relentless Pursuit, Compelled By Love' Written by Deborah C. Fisher, Hot Pursuit Ministries Intl., Kingdom Creations™2008-2011

See the beauty all around you! Healing waters flow: pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter, rolling, rumbling, breaking, tumbling, flowing, glistening, beckoning, revealing, sparkling, inviting, soaking!

Heavenly waters, heavenly sounds are so abundant here!  Percussion is meant to break up the ground of your heart.  Light-heartedness will come forth and open up areas that have been dormant within.  Oh what fun we have in these once hidden places.

Like crashing waves upon the ocean’s edge, My love comes in wave after wave working wonders in your life; washing away every trace of sin.  Thunderous, crashing sounds from heaven, wave after wave of My glory.  What is this glory? ~ LOVE……pitter, patter, pitter, patter, like rain upon your heart. ~ May I have this dance?  Take My hands! 

I love it when you share how much I AM and how much fun I have with My children.  I particularly like it when you show My friends, the soaking buddies, because I like it when you are little; then you can be strong.  I made you that way and I like that about you.  Remember that strength is Me in you…the smaller you are, the larger I AM.

You are My favorite, all My little ones are My favorites because you let Me be I AM!  I’m sending a radical bunch.  Are you ready?  Remember the ones I told you about, the tough, the rough; they are coming.  With everyone I send I will send all that is needed; every resource, every one who is equipped to lead them to freedom in this life.  The shining, the glimmering; they will love much.  Their hearts are turned to Me.  Keen and sharp is their hearing: they not only recognize the ways of the world, they recognize Me in the midst of the darkness, for they lived in darkness.  They are now the light shining on the hill; directing others to the greatest Light of all. 

Angels are round about even now; they bring favor, they bring gifts from Father to you who stand in awe of the One who is Holy!  Join in!  I love being with you!

Streams of My love flow even in the desert places of your heart.  The more the flow, the more life appears.  Allow me to flow into the chambers where you’ve been hurt.  I will bring life.  Sit with Me again, I will show you mighty things just on the horizon.  Hold on; wait, you will be delighted!  I restore your soul.  Your hunger causes others to desire more.  When things come crashing down around you, or it seems they are, know I AM is with you.  I dwell within; I AM in your midst.  Calling and drawing you in, deeper into My heart.  Closer and closer, deeper and deeper, do you smell the aroma of My presence?  Change, change, renew, renew, new life, new life.   Hope lies within the borders of My heart for you.  All that I have is yours.   Come, allow Me to lavish My love upon you as you receive refreshing at the water’s edge.  Go ahead, drink freely here; more is on its way.  Obey your love thirst!  Receive; soak it up!

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