Monday, May 27, 2013

Heroes Emerge Through Passion

With Every Sunrise Heroes Are Born...And It May Be You...It Is You!
Whatever your passion, whatever your delight, Father has placed that within you and me! His love will cause greatness to arise for our life and spill out into others. 
Trust in He who is perfect to perfect that which concerns you and who you were created to be will emerge like a sunrise...count on it as you look into the beauty of His gaze!
There are heroes of faith and of war and heroes in many walks of life. The potential for 'Hero' is on the inside of you waiting for the passion to rise within your heart. Soar into the greatness you were made to enJOY on your journey into the depths of Love! Delight yourself in the Lord as He delights Himself in you...His Masterpiece!

Heroes are made not born
Adversity and disaster the smithies of their forging
Passion and drive bubbling in the cauldron of that one heated moment
A point fixed in time, a second in eternity
Self doubt cast aside for others
Rushing forward into an unknown future
That draws the meek and simple towards a glory unperceived
Innocence propelled by circumstances endowed with courage.

Not called, not coerced, but compelled
Driven towards that moment of destiny, frozen in time as theirs
Caution aside, unknown ahead, self left behind
Into that valley of uncertainty, valor as their armor
Emerging from the other side as those who triumphed
Remaining as those who tried and failed
The same reward is proclaimed for both
Those who go forth will be remembered for that quest, as heroes.

by Bill Fisher

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