Monday, October 31, 2011

Whose Son Are You?...It’s a Heart Matter!

 One cannot expect to live free as a child if innocence, sense of adventure and trust is taken away. Forgiving from our heart brings that back, from the place from which it was stolen. In addition, our hearts can deceive us; and He wants to heal our heart. Hindrances or blockages or wounds to receiving this love, we were created for and to enjoy, can keep us from living loved and affirmed, or enjoying healthy relationships. These blockages are the root cause of feeling like a spiritual orphan.  

 The more love and comfort we are able to receive, the less fearful we are of opening our hearts to be intimate and enjoy loving relationships. For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he...Proverbs 23:7 Though everyone wants to be wanted, to belong, to feel safe and secure; not all have received the affirmations, essential for the life Father intended. Wherever basic trust was lost, whether it was from lack of a Mother's love or Father's love or through other relationships in our lives, Father wants to remove and heal the hindrance/blockage/wound.  Father is both Father and Mother to us; and His love pours into the area of need, fulfilling the deficit of love. 

 Receiving Father's love and living in His heart is to be the most natural place of safety, and total rest, abiding, rather than striving, snuggling, rather than struggling; where anxiety, fear, insecurity, lusts, addictions, and various compulsions subside and cease to have control and cease to exist. 

 The ultimate orphan is Lucifer, the devil, himself; whose goal is simply to bring all to an orphan heart, like him! His plan is to distort Father to us through broken and wounded fathers and mothers, legalism, and twisting mindsets of religious leaders, rendering us useless.  The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to bring life and life more abundant.  The word 'destroy' here means, 'render useless!'  John 10:10

Fatherless simply means orphan; a spiritual state of living from the heart, as if,a physical orphan.   

Some of the comparative traits, found in living our lives with orphan thinking or viewing ourselves as a dutiful servant rather than living as a son/daughter to Father: 

Orphans see God, our Father, as a taskmaster or commander...Sons see Him as a loving Father.

Orphans are independent...Sons are dependent, acknowledging their need. 

Orphans have a heart of bondage...Sons have a heart of liberty.

Orphans seek approval from man...Sons know their approval is from God. 

Orphans live by the love of laws...Sons live by the law of love. 

Orphans find it difficult to receive love...Sons rejoice when love is present. 

Orphans are intimidated by others, seeing them as competition...Sons see others as their brothers and sisters.

Orphans strive for the next achievement...Sons rest and enjoy the journey. 

Orphans find their security in their own ability...Sons find their security in God's ability. 

Orphans find identity in their gifts, by what they do...Sons find identity in the Giver of gifts, and being His. 

Orphans see the world as a scary place...Sons see the world as belonging to their Heavenly Father. 

Orphans view authority as painful distrust; without heart submission...Sons view authority with honor and respect.

Orphans want to be blessed...Sons want to be a blessing. 

Orphans see themselves as slaves...Sons see themselves as heirs and part of a family business.

Orphans are out for themselves...Sons are family and kingdom focused. 

Orphans are motivated by fear...Sons are motivated by love. 
(Living in fear will cause you to see devils behind every bush rather than angels at work in your life.)

Orphans draw attention to themselves...Sons are humble and show love and mercy. 

Orphans are often hoard things and possessive...Sons are generous and give to others. 

Orphans serve out of duty...Sons serve out of being loved. 

Orphans find comfort in what they know...Sons find comfort in the One who 'is' knowledge.

Orphans love conditionally, guarded and seek own need...Sons love openly and patiently, meeting the others' needs. 

Orphans accuse and expose others' faults...Sons cover others to see them restored. 

Orphans find comfort in busyness, works, addictions, possessions, and escapism...Sons seek comfort at rest in Father's love and presence. (There are many other false affections)

Orphans jealously compete for success…Sons value unity and rejoice in others blessings and success.

Orphans must be right and get their feelings hurt, when corrected…Sons open their heart to receive corrrection, as a blessing, that exposes and brings forth life.

Orphans are doubtful, skeptical & unbelieving…Sons are hopeful, believing the best and most in every man.

Orphans find power in their own strength…Sons find power in weakness, for God is their strength.

 Misrepresentations of love in our lives often manifest in our attitudes and actions towards others.  We react from our unhealed places and we wound, disappoint, discourage and reject others and often the very ones who we love.  
 And a person who is independent, will often hide their own pain, acting out in anger, blaming, and doing everything themselves, because they, themselves, fear being hurt again, while relating to others. When basic trust is broken, it is hard to put ourselves into a vulnerable place, where growth can take place.  It is a natural thing for the flesh to protect its self; and difficult to open our heart again. Yet, basic trust is essential for healthy relationships to take place. However, when we consciously decide to let go and believe God is faithful and loving, His love pours into us. 
 Orphan thinking is rooted in fear, it’s selfish, a protection of the flesh and bondage. Living in this place becomes our way of coping, our comfort zone, our way to get by.  We become personally attached to a work done in darkness, against us, to keep us in that bondage, rather than be free and live free in love; the love we were originally made to enJoy!
 Yet, Father will not leave us as orphans, comfortless, desolate, bereaved, forlorn, helpless; He will come to us! (John 14:18-23 Amp.) 
For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.’ (Romans 8:15)
Receive your rightful place, as a son/daughter to Father in the family of God, through the blood of Jesus. You belong in the beloved, therefore you believe and change.  
By Deborah Fisher, © Hot Pursuit Ministries Int’l., Kingdom Creations ä
Some Scripture and Other References: 
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