Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Displays of Endearment~Gently Wiggling Noses and Pinching Cheeks!

 The significance of a gentle touch to the nose, with a slight wiggle, or gently tweaking a nose, as my husband puts it, is a playful, loving gesture.  Often, it is really about awakening the little girl or little boy inside, to a life full of adventure and intrigue, free to discover with childlike trust again! No Fear!

 Life can cause the sense of adventure to fade and dreams to die; yet most 'little' children have enormous trust and Joyfully take risks, that adults often never venture into! 

 Sometimes, when I wiggle the nose of someone or gently pinch or squeeze their cheek, it takes them back to a pleasant memory they had from their childhood.  And often times, it is to fulfill a love need they have from their childhood. These are just two endearing displays, in which a mother or father show affection towards their child, affirming them.  Though displays or gestures of appropriate, loving affection vary by culture, gender, or race, they do take place in a healthy, family environment.

 A simple embrace, such as a hug or drawing someone close to your side, cuddling them, rocking or swaying them, twirling them around or dancing, stroking someone’s cheek or brow, removing their hair from across the forehead, cupping one's hands around their face, singing a simple song and so many other gestures are all displays of loving affection that are shown with tenderness towards a child.  Just recently, someone told me that a Chinese mother will take the cotton end of a Q-Tip and outline her child’s ear, over and over again, soothing the child, bringing comfort and peace; and the infant drifts off into a restful sleep.  These types of gestures and others are ways of communicating love through the five senses, that instill safety and security, building confidence and trust, stimulating healthy activity in the brain. 

 Our Heavenly Father is both Father and Mother to us; and longs for us to allow Him to be Father to us.  He is wanting to unlock and awaken the little boy and little girl inside of us, to live a sense of adventure, with child-like trust again; restoring us to innocence, where we rely on Him for all our needs.  Whether these needs are emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or financial, He is our all in all.  We are His creation, made in His image and likeness.  He is our Provider, our Healer, our Deliverer, our Defense, our Helper, our Salvation, our Hope, our Lover, our King, our Friend, our Joy, our Banner, our Assurance, our Encourager, our Father!  Acts 17:28 reads, In Him, we live and move and have our being, for we are His offspring, and also 1 Corinthians 6:18, I will be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters. Matthew 18:3, Unless we have a turn of heart and come as a little child, we will not inherit the kingdom.

 There are countless times over the years that I sense the Father’s loving affirmation towards someone; I then respond with that gesture that Holy Spirit reveals to me; sometimes it’s an action like the ones mentioned above or I speak a word of encouragement and sometimes it’s both. 

 I have my own experiences too. Many years ago, someone asked me to sit on their lap; she was over 60 pounds lighter than I and a very small framed woman. She patted her knees, with the gesture for me to sit upon her lap! When I finally realized that she was serious and with the prompting of Holy Spirit, I responded; and as soon as I sat on her lap, she began to rock me and tears poured down my cheeks.  I knew that Father was fulfilling a deep desire within me to be loved with a Mother's love. 

 Just recently, I felt the Father unlocking the little boy inside a man I had just met, when I was wiggling his nose.  Though not a stranger to our mutual friend, who had just introduced us, he was a complete stranger to me and a doctor by profession. And most importantly, he was not a stranger to Father. This action of wiggling his nose caused him to be thrust into a life of faith, filled with adventure, once again.  Though we were in a room with hundreds of governmental and spiritual leaders, Father’s heart of love was pouring out upon him, requiring a response!  Along with the wiggling of his nose, I expressed words similar to these that follow, “Be encouraged to set with Father, in the atmosphere provided for you by Holy Spirit, soaking in His presence.  And no matter how busy each day gets, know that Father is with you, He’s ever present and loving you throughout the day.  He delights Himself in you, His little boy!”  A month or so after this meeting, I spoke with our mutual friend, who described to me his friend today.  He now walks with a great confidence and uplifting countenance.  In fact, they spoke about our encounter with extreme delight; referring specifically to the nose wiggling!  His perspective is different and the burdens he was carrying are no longer present; he has a new perspective on life.  

 In a Soaking Encounter, just recently, one of the men who were there, shared with all of us, how Father was holding him, cradling him in His arms, as one holds a baby.  Father was stroking his hair and singing to him a song, which his Mother used to sing to him. Here below is just one of various lyrics that was sung and recorded years ago by the late Eddie Arnold: 

A tiny turned up nose, his cheeks just like a rose 
So sweet from head to toe, that little boy of mine
He's all the world to me, he climbs upon my knee
To me he'll always be, that little boy of mine
No one will ever know, just what his coming has meant
Because I love him so, he's something heaven has sent
A tiny turned up nose, his cheek's just like a rose
So sweet from head to toe, that little boy of mine
No one will ever know, just what his coming has meant
Because I love him so, he's something heaven has sent
He's all the world to me, he climbs upon my knee
To me he'll always be, that little boy of mine.

And, additional, varied verses:
Who cares for fame or fortune
Who cares for wealth or gold
Because I find a fortune
Within my arms I hold

And when he lays his head
Upon his pillow so white
I pray the Lord above
To guide him safe through the night

In dreams I see his face
And feel his fond embrace
There's no one can replace
That little boy of mine.

Two eyes that shine so bright
Two arms that hold me tight
Two lips that kiss goodnight
That little boy of mine

 No matter what age we become on this earth, we will always be Daddy God's little boy or Daddy God's little girl!  Though our physical body grows and our mind fills with knowledge, He remains our Father, Who continues to provide and in Who we always rely; leaning on His comforting, loving, capable arms. We will take no titles to heaven with us; we will be known as Daddy God's little boy and little girl with a great Big Dad!

 These encounters with Father are experiences that reach deep within us, bringing healing, refreshing, loving affirmation, and fulfilling love deficits only Father knows exists. 

 Another, more recent encounter took place when I was a part of a prayer ministry team and someone came up where we were praying just to observe; yet she was drawn there by Holy Spirit.  Being on her feet for a while, she was in pain.  I asked her to sit.  Father not only wanted the pain to leave her feet, but to bring refreshing and to unlock the little girl inside.  When I poured water over her feet, she began to giggle and move backward and forward in the chair, several times and laughing uncontrollably.  Her feet now landed in a puddle of water and she began splashing in the puddle and laughing! This laughter had never happened to her before and she left refreshed.  Since that day, I have asked on several occasions if she is still laughing and splashing and she says ‘Yes’ and that she is taken back to that time of refreshing. 

Each encounter is chosen by God our Father and as unique as each one of His children. 

Father is restoring our souls and bringing us to innocence once again; for we were made for love! A new found freedom awaits us all in Father's loving arms!

by Daddy's Little Girl, Deborah Fisher

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