Thursday, June 16, 2011


(Saw this in the night...I was wide awake, but could see it so clearly in my mind.  I was drawn to His eyes, it's like He spoke through His eyes and His heart. I knew and understood everything He was trying to say....Written by a dear friend, a jewel in the heart of the Father, His little girl, Laurie.) 

I am angry.....I am on the beach as far away from Jesus as I can get. I don't want to go too far, don't want to get Him too far out of sight. I am afraid to see what His face will show if I go any further away. He hasn't moved, I am the one who walked away. I am hurt and mad.

I keep looking to see what Jesus is doing.....He is just poking at the fire with a piece of driftwood. I want to go to Him, but pride is keeping me rooted where I am, with tears running down my face.

I don't understand why He doesn't come to me.  Finallly, I can't take it anymore, I long so much for Him to hug me......will He?   I walk toward Him slowly, a little unwillinglly, but I know He is the only thing I need. I am now standing before Him, and I feel like I should kneel or something, but He stops me, and just opens His arms. I just go into them, and He wraps His arms around me, and He says nothing......I feel safe and quiet. I can feel and hear His heartbeat. I just want to stay like this forever.

I feel Him start to laugh......not at me, but just because it's in Him. And I look up into His face, and there is love and something in them that is beyond my 
ability to put into words.

Just His eyes.......He is looking only at me and yet He sees everything in the world at the same time. There is sadness too and I want to take His sadness away......He loves me and then He starts laughing again, like He does in the pictures of  Him laughing.....the wind is blowing His hair and His eyes spark....they are beautiful; they look blue, brown, green. He is beautiful and I want to have Him hug me for eternity.

Everything is okay with us again, without a single word being spoken. What love.......................I am here....always.

by Laurie Johnson

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