Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daddy God Loves You and Even Likes You!

A Real And Simple Truth Available For You To EnJOY:

Abba Father, Papa, Daddy God loves you and loving you even NOW!  So Be Loved....Beloved!  
Enter the JOY of the are no longer orphans, vying for attention, competing for knowledge and acceptance, jealous of another man's possessions or ministry...You are family; a family of sons and daughters, living and moving in love, for you are His offspring!
So Be Loved...Beloved!

And it matters not the circumstance or the perplexity of the journey in which you find yourself; for He is always with you...And even if you run from Him, His love will still relentlessly pursue you...there is no way you can stop this love from pouring over you and reaching the deepest part of are the object of His affection...there is never a day that He does not love you...And He does not treat you according to your past, but according to your future.  So Be Loved...Beloved!

His love is unchanging towards you and when you think that you are better, He loves you exactly the same, as He did before you got to the place of feeling cannot earn it, don't try, just yield and receive the love for you and keep receiving it...His love is identically the same no matter what is going on in your go ahead and have His permission 24/7 to indulge yourself with more love and more love and more love. So Be Loved...Beloved!

This love will wreck your world, dismantling and disarming everything that opposes it; demolishing the fear against you, causing you to love yourself and leave the world you've known behind. Love can actually wreak havoc in the mind of man; it makes no sense at all. So Be Loved...Beloved!

Love will actually make you giddy and drunken and can actually make others jealous, but they can indulge themselves is for everyone to enJOY...JOY is simply the evidence of love received! So be free to receive, be free to be little in Daddy's arms, be free to be the son, the daughter He called you to be and leave bondages behind, do not go back to fear...bathe in love, saturate yourself in love, immerse yourself in love, become love and be love everywhere you go! 

Father says, 'Allow Me!'....He has even made a place of rest for you...Leave the worries behind you...choose to let go of those matters that are simply too difficult for you....And Be Loved....Beloved!

Father loves you as much as He loves Jesus....So Be Loved!  He wants to experience you as much as you want to experience Him!
Really, this is true!!!  His opinion of you is more important than your opinion of yourself! So Be Loved...Beloved!

This love is not a counterfeit affection, it is the real thing because you were meant to be loved; you were created for love, by love, with love, in love! So enJOY the love meant for you! Father simply loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you....because He is love and you cannot separate love from Him and nothing can separate you from the love of God! 

Warning: This love will intoxicate you, causing you to like yourself, love yourself and like and love others round about you and they will eventually respond in like manner; it's contagious!  Never ever give up....let go and allow love to seep deeper and go deeper still into Daddy's heart, your home! Assume the position of resting in His loving arms! 

So Be Loved.....Beloved!

Daddy's Little Girl,

                                                                                                                            (Artwork by Youngmin Park)


  1. Well done on setting up your blog;it looks wonderful and definitely a post to remind me that I am loved. :-)